How do you become a martial arts master?

February 23rd, 2010

The first step is to find the martial art that is to you as you are to it. Not necessarily a martial art that looks impressive or that is best known. The martial art that when you see it or try it, feels as if it is exactly what you would like to feel not only to know. It is not rare to try a few martial arts until you find ‘yours’.

The second step is to find a true teacher, not who holds more ranks or belts, not who is best known, but one who enjoys teaching and has learned from who enjoyed teaching. One who looks fluent and discreet, one whose techniques flow, not start and stop like a memorized exercise. One with students who like him/her as a mentor, not as a teacher who they will forget soon. All what you will learn, all what you can become in martial arts, depends more on the right teacher than in hard study.

The third step is to live the martial art, not just to train it or learn it, but to feel it part of your everyday life. Walk, eat, work and move as if you are in training, not obvious or exaggerate but just enough to feel it and to others don’t notice. Don’t limit a martial art to the practice, integrate it in your life.

The rest of the way is to observe, respect, learn, try, keep trying and enjoy the moments of achievement.

If you follow all these steps , two things will happen, you will realize one day that you don’t need any longer to be a master and you will see in front of you a group of anxious students waiting for you show them how to become a master of martial arts.