Tips for preparing for tournament season!

February 23rd, 2010

  • Watch other competitors. There is always something you can learn from your fellow teammates and competitors.
  • Drink plenty of water, sometimes you get nervous and forget to drink water, you can’t compete at a high level when dehydrated!
  • When you are sparring, pay attention to your opponent.  A loss of focus even for one second can result in a point.
  • Listen to your instructors. Follow the instructions they give you and consider their advice. They’ve been to tournaments before (and participated in them themselves) and may be able to give you tips that may help you.
  • If you are doing kata/forms, take your time. And never, ever stop in the middle of a form unless it is required in your form. This will tell the judges that you have made a mistake, even if they do not know the form (they don’t know your form and don’t know you made a mistake!). If you do make a mistake, just continue on from where you left off.
  • Be dynamic! Use facial expressions and loud kiais when you perform. Judges may award extra points for this.
  • Show sportsmanship. Bow on and off the training floor, shake your opponent’s hand, thank the judges – be a good sport!