March 10th, 2019

In anything you want to see results from, commitment is key. All of us understand this concept when it comes to working out – if we don’t get our butts to the gym, we don’t see the results. We don’t WANT to do it, but we know that we have to overcome that urge. For some reason we expect that kids don’t have the same problem but trust us, they do. The thing is, they don’t know that they are doing it. We have to TEACH them to overcome that urge to sit on their butts. You can’t accomplish this once or twice, you accomplish this with hundreds of reps that direct children towards big achievements that change their lives. To see the confidence, discipline, respect and all of the other benefits of martial arts you can start simply with commitment.


I cannot tell you how many times parents come in telling us that the benefit that they want their child to gain the most from martial arts is discipline but the first time their child doesn’t want to come to karate they assume that they don’t like it anymore and allow them to quit. “I am not going to make him/her do something they don’t want to do” are the words we hear from parents. Does that equal discipline or does that reinforce the urge to not be disciplined?


Allowing this is a waste of your time and money. The very best thing you can do for your child when they start karate is to commit – commit to the ups and the downs and allow them to draw all of the lessons from that process. Explain that you value “showing up” more than anything and that if we do this, you are making a commitment of two days a week minimum.


Consistency. Commitment. Discipline.


They all go hand in hand and are important stepping stones in the path to success in life as well as the road to black belt.


Let’s do this,

Team Warhorse