An interview with martial arts master Damon Tong

February 27th, 2010

When did you begin training in the martial arts?

I started in June 1986

How long did it take you to become a black belt?

About 5 Years of training to first degree black belt

What made you decide that you wanted to begin training in the martial arts?

In the 80’s movies and tv were all about ninjas and martial arts and every kid wanted to be a ninja!

What is your most memorable martial arts moment?

I have two – winning first place at the Internationals which was the largest Karate tournament in the world, and making 5th degree black belt which is considered Master Level.

What is your favorite weapon to train with?

The staff has always been my favorite weapon

What level black belt are you and how many total years of training did it take to achieve that rank?

6th Level Black Belt – it took about 22 years to get to that level

How has martial arts shaped your life?

Martial Arts has given me a foundation for success and taught me that thru hard work coupled with character I can achieve my goals; it has also taught me what the real qualities of character are and why they are important.