NW Submissions Challenge in Boise

April 30th, 2010

The Warhorse Jiu Jitsu tournament team traveled to the NW Submissions challenge in Boise – our team rocked!  Below is an interview with Mr. Tong about the experience.

What was your favorite part of competing in the NW Submissions Challenge? My Favorite part was just being there and challenging myself to compete!  It was exciting to be around so many good competitors and jiu jitsu students.  I was also happy that we all won a medal!

What were you most proud of? I was most proud of our students (Gary & Scott) competing.  They did a great job and represented our school well and it was nice to see that they could compete with some of the best.

Did anything surprise you about the other competitors? My biggest surprise was the level of quality of the competitors.  I had heard that the Boise area puts out some of the best MMA competitors in the country, and it’s true.  I would say the level of competition was just as good, if not better than the Grappler’s Quest in Vegas which is a prestigious tournament.

What is your next big goal in Jiu Jitsu? My next big goal is to get a few of our students to Blue Belt.  Then we will start training for the next tournament!