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Russ & Leah Fotheringham

"Thank you for believing in our son when no one else would. You changed our child from a person who took the path of least resistance to one who believes in discipline and perseverance. It's a parent's dream!"

Emily Routt

"It's a blast! I'm learning self-defense and getting in shape too! I love it!"

Selina Branham

"My son started when he was 5 and his self-confidence and attitude to achieve his goals are far more than if he did not have the help of Warhorse Karate. I also love the way Warhorse helps our community and raises money for great causes."

Wilson Picardo

"Warhorse Martial Arts is a very professional school managed by a team of focused and very well trained martial artists. The atmosphere at the school is also very friendly and comfortable, and they also engage in a lot of charity work which is highly appreciated."

Mary Gerard

"All four of my kids have been doing karate at Warhorse Karate for 10 plus years and it has had a great influence on their lives. It has made them more confident and taught them respect. I have been told by strangers, friends, and teachers what good kids I have and I think their friends and second family at Warhorse has a great deal to do with that."

Wendy Piper

"Warhorse is awesome!! 12 years and we still love it. The original goal was to get in shape, but now he has boundless self-confidence, respect, integrity, and the knowledge that he can achieve his goals with perseverance and drive, and he has had a blast getting there. We have also made many amazing friends that we will have all of our lives!"

Lisa Diaz

"Warhorse Karate does not just teach kids martial arts; they give kids skills for life! They teach respect, confidence, and that grades and being respectful are the most important. The kids learn how to walk away from bully situations and how to use words to defuse anger. Our son's teachers always tell me how kind and focused he is, and I tell them Warhorse has taught our son well.

Jessica Granly

"Last month Zack's teacher told me my money for karate was being well spent. Zack's class had a conversation about pride, dedication, respect, etc... Zack was able to give the most accurate and detailed responses from within his class. And is showing these traits at school! Thank you, and all your great instructors!"

Holly and Jarred Perona

"Warhorse Karate has been one of the best experiences of our lives. It's a fun way to stay in shape as a family and the kids are learning invaluable life lessons as well. Plus our 6 year old daughter can do double cool is that?!"

Jon Brecto

"Warhorse Martial Arts has a well-rounded program that is very family oriented and allows for everyone to have fun while learning. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful to everyone regardless of skill level and do a great job of demonstrating real-life applications of what is learned."

Alicia DeArth

"Thank you Warhorse Martial Arts for bringing our family closer together, and helping the children with such goals, commitment, self-determination and self-appreciation. We have noticed an improvement with my ADHD son's concentration & respect. I can only imagine what it will be like after he earns his Black Belt!"


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